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The ABE CNC lab's primary mission is providing hands on training for TSM 340. The lab does have open times for properly trained students to use the mills and lathes.

ECPE – Machine Shop

Location: Contact: Leland Harker Email: Phone: (515)-294-3247

ME – Additive Manufacturing Lab

The Additive Manufacturing Lab (AML) is a Mechanical Engineering Fee-for-service printing lab that has several industrial-grade and hobby-grade printers as well as laser cutting capability. Jobs can be done for anyone on campus: clubs, research, departmental projects, individual projects, etc.

MSE Materials Characterization Labs

The Department of Materials Science and Engineering laboratories are located in Hoover Hall and Gilman Hall. Labs in Gilman are used strictly for research, whereas labs in Hoover are used for both research and teaching. These laboratories contain test equipment and facilities to investigate thermal, mechanical, and chemical properties of various materials, as well as teach the physical concepts and illustrate the important processing operations involving materials.

SICTR – Student Innovation Center

Iowa State University offers a transformative student experience rich in new ideas, diverse perspectives, and imaginative people so that students can be inspired to think differently and create change. The Student Innovation Center is the nexus for that change.

ABE – Waterjet

The ABE water-jet provides precision rapid prototyping capabilities to student organizations and is capable of fabricating a diverse range of materials, including:  wood, plastic, composite materials, aluminum, steel, and various metal alloys.

ME – Boyd Lab

The Boyd Lab is a fabrication lab that supports Mechanical Engineering classes and ISU student projects (personal projects are not allowed.) Boyd Lab has a variety of resources such as hand tools, power tools, milling and turning equipment, wood working equipment, metal-working equipment, MIG and TIG welders, and a plasma cutter. Students who complete the required training can use the equipment during lab hours or they can submit job requests to have the shop complete their projects for them.

CoD – Design Output Center

The Output Center, located near the computer labs on the fourth floor (Room 426), includes black-and-white printing, color printing, 3D printing, wide-format printing and three laser cutters. You can check out a wide variety of equipment from here as well.

AERE – Make to Innovate

Lab Location: Howe 0620 and Howe 1380 Contact: Matthew Nelson, Christine Nelson E-Mail:,,

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