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Equipment that works with plastic

Voron – Voron 2.4 – 3D Printer

The Voron 2.4 is a rigid, Core XY hobby printer capable of making fairly large prints, quickly out of a variety of materials.   This printer can: Print parts as large as 300mm by 300mm by 350mm. Print a variety of different materials. Can create fairly high quality parts, fairly quickly. Can make economical parts.

Voltera V-One – PCB Printer

The Voltera V-One is a Printed Circuit Board printer that prints a layer of conductive silver based epoxy with a fine syringe. The printer is capable of drilling holes and applying through-hole rivets. Printer substrates include standard FR4 substrate up to 4″ x 5″, flexible Polyimide and PET surfaces, glass, etc. For more information on … Continue reading Voltera V-One – PCB Printer

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